PDA Suite

     Max-optics Studio Products

-- Max-optics Studio provides you a user-friendly and convenient Web-based 3D modeling environment, which enables you to evolve your designs quickly and efficiently, whether for passive or active tools.

 -- Conformal grid technology enable users to use a looser grid to get a higher simulation accuracy, even in complex structures’ surface.

-- Our products, waveguide, optical fiber structures simulation tools, support auto parameter sweep, which reduces calculation time tremendously . Our product is the first EME tool for the support of Grating coupler.

-- FDTD  High-performance Computing , support GPU Acceleration

    Base on Cloud Job Server Cluster, the GPU Acceleration adopts SaaS  mode, and calls solver resources flexibly according to project demands.

-- Python script support one-click modeling and simulation

     Support the interaction between our product and third-party tools controlled by Python.

-- 1D/2D/3D Modeling, 3D view for Active components

      Support detailed performance simulation of Edge emitting / vescel laser PL spectrum extraction of various material systems

      Support carrier transport process multi physical field simulation.