Company Intro

Company Strategy

Maxoptics remains at the forefront in addressing the current and emerging needs of the photonic design community. In the next three years, Maxoptics is committed to achieving technological parity and surpassing in this field, and increasing its domestic market share through the construction of a design cloud platform combined with process .

Company profile

Since being founded in 2018, relying on the strength of the scientific research team of Shandong University, with a solid theoretical and technical foundation of electromagnetic field simulation and analysis, as well as complete automation equipment design and manufacturing, software design and development capabilities, Shanghai Maxoptics Information Technology Co., Ltd had developed electromagnetic field visualization software and hardware products covering microwave and optical frequency bands to provide customers with perfect electromagnetic field related simulation, design, analysis and measurement solutions.

Our Business

Our business focuses on 5G, optical communication, optical sensing, optical computing, industrial IOT, national defense security and other fields, mainly covering two major businesses of electromagnetic field simulation and measurement. The electromagnetic simulation business includes passive / active photoelectric chip and system simulation design software, photoelectric chip simulation design service, microwave / RF antenna simulation design service. The electromagnetic field measurement business includes optoelectronic device measurement and parameter extraction platform; And The microwave millimeter wave measurement business includes 5G NR OTA test system, planar/column/spherical near and far field antenna test system.